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Kayman Direct helps your dealership adopt a proven BDC culture model with a variety of unique approaches to align with any dealership’s size, resources, and vision for sales growth. Our comprehensive solutions will leverage people and best practice processes while enabling technology to maximize opportunities for your store. If you are a large Dealer Group, Franchise Dealer, or an Independent that wants to increase sales volume, let our experience help you reach your goals and objectives.



Inbound Calling

Let Kayman Direct handle your inbound sales and service calls to set more appointments, increase retentions, and increase customer satisfaction.


Outbound Calling

Kayman can increase your customer return customer percentage and increase customer loyalty between sales and service by assisting you with your outbound calling opportunities.


Texting and Email Services

Kayman can implement texting and emailing services to help you close more deals, drive traffic to your service lane and keep you top-of-mind with your customer base.



Director of Operations

Dean Webster

40 years in the auto industry. Worked my way from Service Advisor, Service Manager, Fixed Operations Manager, General Manager, to Business Owner. 16 years working in the field for GM/Maritz. We started Kayman Direct in January of 2018. We have grown into 30 states and accommodate all brands of the auto industry.


Account Executive

Jeanette Stumpf

I have been a part of the Kayman Family for over 3 years. My first year was as a facilitator and lead support manager where I assisted in the development of training classes, marketing efforts, social media, and content creation for the company. I transitioned into the role of Service Account Executive in the last two years and have truly enjoyed working with both our agents and clients in the collaboration efforts of increasing customer retention and profitability for the Dealer.


Account Executive

Wendy Haro

I have been in the automotive industry since I was a sophomore college student at the University of Northern Colorado. Throughout these years I graduated college and stuck around the industry and went from being an agent at a local dealership’s BDC to a manager for Kayman Direct. I am now almost 2 years into my management position learning something new every single day. I enjoy seeing our agents grow and learn about the automotive industry as well as assisting dealers with reaching their goals.



  • 2018

    Kayman Direct opened for business serving 2 stores

    Kayman Direct began in a small office and moved to an empty Mazda dealership showroom and remodeled it to fit as we  grew.

  • 18


    We have grown from just 2 agents to 18 full time agents ready to serve your store and we are hiring more now!

  • 70%

    Increase in Efficiency

    We have implemented new processes and technology to Improve efficiency by 70% so we get more done with fewer agents.

  • 2019

    Kayman Direct Becomes General Motors Certified

    We earned the designation of being a General Motors certified BDC vendor after just one year of business.

  • 2019

    Added Kayman University

    In 2019 Kayman Direct started it’s Kayman University training classes.

  • 2019

    Added new lines of business

    Kayman Direct entered the real estate and Medical realm.

  • 2021

    New Modern Location

    We were excited to recently move into a new modern facility that allows us to serve our dealers better across 30 states.

  • OEM

    Adding more depth to the Kayman arena by partnering with OEMs and launching new initiatives.



Lets partner!

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OUR GOAL is to develop a customized BDC foundation that will ensure success along with creating a strong culture for your business. Our processes focus on increasing retention and customer relationships.